AgileXpert Software Development and Consulting Ltd. received support for “Staff extension at AgileXpert Ltd. with the help of the Internship Program” within the VEKOP-8.3.2-18-2018-00065 tender.

  • Beneficiary name: AgileXpert Software Development and Consulting Ltd.
  • Project title: Staff development at AgileXpert Ltd. with the help of the Internship Program
  • Amount of support: HUF 3,481,760
  • Intensity: 80%
  • Project identification number: VEKOP-8.3.2-18-2018-00065
  • End date of the project: 02.07.2019.
Project content:

The internship program aims to support young people’s employment and work experience, especially supporting and strengthening the professional careers who start to work after vocational training and do not have a higher education degree. The trainee can learn and gain experience in the administrative processes of a growing micro-enterprise, thus later becoming a sought workforce in this segment of the labour market. Within the framework of the Internship Program, we will employ 1 young employee under age 25. The young trainee has not yet found a job after graduating from school. In the project, the trainee will gain skills during the project in the following areas of work: Administrative Secretary OKJ 54 346 02. A brief, typical description of the Administrative Secretary’s field of work: administration, documentation, organisational and liaison tasks, supporting the management work and the observance of the daily work program. The intern’s responsibilities will include supporting and streamlining the company’s current business processes.

Equipment related to the project: computer required for the trainee’s work, laser printer and Microsoft Windows and Office software package. The mentoring tasks necessary for the trainee’s professional development are performed by János Gerevich (CEO).

After the project’s conclusion, the trainee’s required re-employment will also occur, which we hope that the intern will be a successful member of our company in the long run.